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The mechanical equipments have the following features: 1. Poor working conditions, the equipments are always surrounded by dust, vapor and harmful gas; 2. The harsh working conditions, most of the mechanical equipments work under the working conditions under high speed, heavy load, vibration, impact, friction and medium corrosion etc; 3. The long operation time, the majority of mechanical equipments are in continuous operation around the clock over the years; 4. The bad lubrication condition, because of the bad environment and rigorous conditions and short downtime, the mechanical parts can not get good lubrication and maintenance. Therefore, it leads to annually terrible economic loss. So all the production equipments are ensured in good running condition only through adopting correct bearings, regular and timely maintenances, and improved maintaining quality.

  1. 1. Crushers are mainly applied for outdoor use, where the work environment is usually poor, which brings a lot of negative factors to installation, use and maintenance of bearings.
  2. 2. As they are used to breaking stones, a lot of dust will be generated during operation, and if dust enters the bearing in case of seal failure, it will exacerbate the bearing wear.
  3. 3. Crusher bearings operate under very large radial load. This erratic and sudden impact load has great destructive effect to bearings, likely to cause fracture of the inner or outer ring.
  4. 4. The lubrication conditions of crusher bearings are relatively poor, and infrequent refueling or occasional replacement of oil are the main reasons to cause early wear of bearings.
  5. 5 Such devices mainly operate in such poor work environment that they can be easily affected by multi-mist, moisture, dust, acid-base, etc., so good leak tightness is usually required, and timely adding of grease is also necessary. Our company has large stock of full range of bearings, especially large UC series bearings (such as: UCFS318 to UCFS328 and RME100, RME090S series) as well as three types of spherical roller bearings.

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