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     Along with the development of the world's industrial economy, the topic of industrial pollution led to environmental degradation is worsening, and voice of the global environmental protection are becoming increasingly gradually. Now, NTN bearing has excellently solved the tough topic between economic development and environmental protection. It replaces the raw mineral materials with clean renewable energy, greatly reducing the environmental pollution. It can be said that in the development of new energy, the wind power is the one with the most mature technology, the largest development scale and vastest potential for future development among the electricity generation methods. As for development in foreign countries, NTN bearing started half a century earlier than China, so the industrial development of some developed European and American countries have entered into the mature stage, and its successful trade operation mode makes enterprises in other countries run after the investment of NTN bearings. At present, the global crawler crane manufacturers has paid attention to NTN market for a long time, for example, the engineering crane giant Manitowoc, Liebherr and TEREX DEMAG all tailored the crane for NTN bearing construction, and Manitowoc also launched GTK series products for NTN bearing installation during the Bauma Germany this year.
1.Combustion engines, electrical plants, power equipments have high requirements for bearings. Most of this type of equipment is in continuous operation, high bearing force, troublesome assembly and disassembly and inconvenient replacement, therefore they require the bearing to have high stable quality, wear resistance and pressure resistance. Manufacturers generally choose imported bearings, such as NTN bearings and NSK bearings KOYO bearings in Japan, FAG bearings in Germany, SKF bearings in Sweden and other import bearing brands.

2.Dyeing, textile, footwear and tobacco machineries select bearings with high efficiency and durability, small size, high speed and minimal noise. These bearings can only be manufactured by famous suppliers for the bearings can not be all ready in stock, and not easy to find sometimes (as only the frequent customers know well about these case and prepare for emergency) caused by the high specificity of equipments, different designs from various suppliers. It is recommended that the users to use one while preparing one to avoid the downtime waiting for bearings and affect the production.

3.Because of very poor working environment with influences of mist, dust, moisture and acid-base, the ceramic machinery, crushing and fine chemical machineries adopt bearings in high tightness, adequate and reasonable grease, and preferably refilling grease in an appropriate time.

4.Spherical bearings and special bearings are for packaging machinery, printing and food machinery.

5.Precision bearing parts for electronics, watches, toys, audio-visual equipment.

6.Bearings used for beer, beverage equipment, pharmaceutical equipment

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